Tri and Tri again-Why yes, I am crazy

Triathlon # 11 is in the bag. (and to think that I haven’t even been doing this for a year yet)

I got a little crazy this weekend and decided to do not one, but two triathlons. (it is vital right now that I distract myself from tragic things I have no control over-the gory details are on my blog, but you probably really don’t want to know)

Hey, they were just little sprints so it was like doing an Olympic distance over two days instead of all at once right?

First, was the Ft Lewis Triple Threat Series Triathlon on Saturday.

This one was on the base, so I had to get there early to get a pass and get through the gate.

It was an easy process and I was there in plenty of time to get my transition area set up and go check out the lake. (this is a part of American Lake which is on the military base and not open to the public)

ft lewis triathlon July 09 003

We got nice long sleeve t-shirts with our registation.

I ran into my friend dragon boat friend Fay who I haven’t seen for some time

ft lewis triathlon July 09 001

Bill was there doing the REI bike tech thing.

ft lewis triathlon July 09 002

I had a rough week last week fighting off the crud, not getting enough sleep and dealing with a family crisis so I wasn’t feeling well.

I also started in the back because it was a mass start (everyone at once) and I didn’t feel like getting kicked in the head. I got squigged out on my warm up swim because of all the milfoil The stuff creeps me out (I did show some self control and did not squeal like a girl when it touched me), and with swim goggles it seems magnified and to be reaching up to grab you. I finished my warm up swim with my eyes closed.

I had a hard time on the swim, because I was snotty (the downside to wearing nose plugs means that snot runs down the back of your throat) and kinda wheezy. I also had a difficult time completely filling up my lungs.

Since I started in the back on the swim, the water was churned up and I couldn’t see the nasty milfoil.

I exited the water after the half mile swim at 20:10.

My transition from swim to bike was 3:01 (not 100% sure on this, I goofed up hitting my lap counter)

The first bit of the bike ride was pretty bumpy but once we got out onto open road it smoothed out a bit.

It was a closed course with lots of nice young soldiers blocking intersections for us.

My right calf and hip were a bit tight, likely as residual from the previous weekends 204 mile STP ride.

There were also some pretty significant headwinds on part of the course so it didn’t feel easy.

I came in on the 15 mile bike ride at 55:04 which was a 16:34 mph pace-I felt like I was going slower than that, but I guess I did OK.

My transition from bike to run was 1:58

I didn’t feel great on the run. It was getting warm and because I was either having allergy trouble and/or was fighting of an upper respiratory bug and was snotty (given the amount of snot that flowed out of my on the bike ride, I’m surprised there was any left)

I came in on the 5K at 32:26 (about 10 ½ minute miles) for a finish time of 1:52:32.

I guess that’s not too bad for someone that wasn’t feeling well physically or emotionally.

This is the first triathlon I’ve done where there were no finisher medals. Since I was in a big age group and didn’t place in the top 3, I didn’t get a shiny thing.

After the race, I rushed home, got unloaded, cleaned up and met Annie to go up to Seattle to pick up our packets for the SeaFair triathlon the next day. We got nice tech shirts and reusable shopping bags.

After that, the Icky Boy picked me up and we headed out for my other friend Ann’s birthday BBQ (it was over at 7:00 PM so it’s not like it was a late night)

I was up bright and early on Sunday morning to head down up to Seward Park for the SeaFair triathlon.

I tired to be clever and come up from the South on Rainer Ave South to avoid the crowds, but goofed up and had to come in from the North anyway. Annie and I talked on the phone, but I never found her in transition (there were 2,000 of us)

I parked several blocks up the hill and hauled by bike and gear down to the park.

It took a long time to even get into the transition area.

I was in wave 11 (out of 14) so I had to “hurry up and wait” for an hour. (we were kicked out of the transition are at 6:45 AM) The race started at 7:00 AM, but my swim wave didn’t go until well after 7:40.

We weren’t allowed to do any warm up swimming after 6:45 because the swim start and finish were close together and we could have confused the swimmers coming in to the finish.

Yeah, nothing like standing around getting stiff.

I was deciding that I really don’t like huge triathlons and all the waiting involved in getting that many swim waves off.

I finally got into the water (didn’t get down there in time for an actual warm up swim) to let some water into my wetsuit, drain out the excess and get acclimated to the lake (which was pretty warm)

I finally found Kathy at the start. She started in the wave (or two, I can’t remember) ahead of me. Luckily, I knew which swim cap she was wearing and what kind of wetsuit she has. We got to give each other a hug before we started.

There was more nasty milfoil and I was dutifully squigged out. (again, I did show some self control and did not squeal like a girl when it touched me)

Although I was a bit tired from doing a triathlon the day before, I felt good on the swim. I was less snotty and better able to breathe comfortably. I came in on the half mile swim at 19:25. (which was almost a minute faster than the day before)

My transition from swim to bike was 3:28.

The bike ride was a familiar tour of Lake Washington Boulevard and a ride across the I-90 floating bridge out to Mercer Island and back.

It is confirmed that I’ve been across that bridge on foot running and on my bike more times than I’ve driven it.

I finished the 12 mile bike ride in 46:31 which was a 15:38 mph hour pace, over a full mile per hour slower than the previous week; then again, the course was hillier and it was more difficult to get in and out of the transition area.

My 2nd transition was 2:27 which is pretty slow for me.

I headed out for the run which was a beautiful loop around Seward Park (which is surrounded by water on 3 sides) and realized that although I don’t like the waiting involved with big events, that I did love the spectacular beauty of this course and will do it again.

Then “the hill” came. As we rounded the loop road in the park, we made a sharp turn and headed up a nasty hill. This is where a lot of runners turned into walkers. I was not one of them, but I running darn sloowly.

This was the time that I realized that I was tired from the triathlon the day before and my exhausting week.

I took it easy because I didn’t want to injure myself. This two triathlons in two days thing was for fun, not to hurt myself. It took me 37:59 to crank out that 5K, (12 ½ minute miles, OMG I didn’t think I was that slow)

I came in at 1:50:04 (and shockingly was not last in my age group, but I was definitely in the back of the pack of those women)

I was number 1293 out of 1454 overall. I was faster than 161 other people.

I’ll take it.

SeaFair Triathlon 2009 003

I got my shiny thing, hiked back up to my truck and celebrated with some Taco Del Mar nachos and a Negra Modello before coming home and meeting the Icky Boy for an early dinner.

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Today, I am resting.


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