Runnin’ of the Green (part one)

Today was the 2nd annual Tacoma St Patty’s (yes, that’s the way we spell it in Grit City) Day Run.

Since I haven’t been running much, this is a good excuse to get out there and get back to weight bearing exercise (which swimming and cycling aren’t and my bones need it)

Unlike last year, it was gorgeous this morning; sunny and not too cold.

It was a fine day for the running of the green.

Tacoma St Patty's Day Run 023

Lots of folks were out to enjoy the day, including Steffi (aka “the other Steph” aka DeRosa)

Tacoma St Patty's Day Run 008

I met up with Debi before the start.

This photo is evidence that triathlon has forever changed my life. I’ll never have my “runners legs” back; I now have cycling thighs. Strong and big. (that’s OK, remember the Bond Girl that crushed men to death with her thighs? those strong thighs seemed to have worked out well for her 😉

Tacoma St Patty's Day Run 010

We had our typical up and over the bridge start

Tacoma St Patty's Day Run 014

I didn’t want to “race” this one. I didn’t even wear my garmin or a watch lest I be tempted to push and injure myself before tomorrow’s race (yeah, brilliant move, don’t run for a month and a half and schedule back to back races)

I stopped and took a few pictures, including this one of the leaders following the pilot car coming back after the turn around.

Tacoma St Patty's Day Run 020

and this guy (a true Irishman) running with his flask.

Tacoma St Patty's Day Run 021

I felt pretty good in the new shoes; I had one minor hot spot under my right arch which I’ll put body glide on tomorrow and wear some different socks.

It was also my first run with the new Moving Comfort sports bra. “The girls” are very happy.

I ran into Vornita at the finish

Tacoma St Patty's Day Run 022

We waited for Cherie and her friends, but never found them, so we just headed over to the beer garden.

All they had was Bud Light (oh no, Oh HELL no) so we headed into the Dock and bellied up to the bar for real beer. (I had a Black Butte Porter and Debi had a Mac & Jack)

Tacoma St Patty's Day Run 025

I got CARDED. This guy is the first person to card me since I turned 47. I almost kissed him. He settled for a high five.

Tacoma St Patty's Day Run 024

There are some pictures of some of the other interesting characters I saw today here:

After my Tacoma adventure, I hopped the ST express bus to head up to Seattle to pick up my race stuff for tomorrow’s St Paddy’s Day Dash in Seattle (which is basically a big street party)

I also stopped and picked up some shiny and blinky bling for tomorrow (which I already posted a picture of)

Now I need to get to bed.

Tomorrow will be a long day including the race, breakfast with friends, bike expo, lunch with more friends,etc….


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