Storm Damage!!!

Last night a violent storm blew in and pretty much ravaged our region. (for those of you that live here, who actually have power and internet, this is not news)

Over 160,000 people lost power, 45,000 right here in Tacoma (I was in an odd four block island that did have power)

In addition to two of my attic windows blowing in (frames and all) my ginormous 60-100 year old pear tree came down.

It is dangling from the phone/cable/internet lines (power comes in from the front thank goodness) the garage (can’t tell how badly damaged that roof is yet) and the 100 year old hawthorne tree.

It is going to take out my fence and the neighbor’s truck (which I’m about to ask them to move if they are home) if I don’t get it down (bit by bit) right away.

If anyone who doesn’t have their own mini disaster to clear out would be willing to come by with ladders and chainsaws today, I would be eternally grateful; I’d like to keep the damage to a minimum and need to get this thing down today.

Thank goodness my new phone has the 3-G hotspot feature (I love my Droid) or I’d have no internet at all.


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