Happy Holidays!!!

Dear friends….

for those I don’t exchange physical snail mail cards (my favorite kind) with; I have put the card as well as BadKitty’s infamous holiday letter on the web for your amusement.


for those in the area who may or may not have received an invite, I am hosting a winter Solstice event on Tuesday the 21st at my place.

I will also be hosting my annual Christmas Eve dinner on Friday for those who don’t have family in the area, have travel plans change at the last minute or who don’t celebrate Christmas, but would like to come over for dinner.

Email, comment or message for details on either of those events if you’d like to come.

*head’s up, Wine Hog will be on February 5th, in my home.  Hosting it off site last year seemed to hurt attendance, so I won’t be doing that again 😉


Mood: Happy for the Holidays


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