Solstice on the Hilltop

I was super excited to host my first Hilltop Solstice instead of having it at someone else’s house or trying to cram people in that tiny apartment as I had to do for the last several years.

This was truly the best solstice ever, entirely because of the wonderful friends and neighbors who came to celebrate (32 people showed up, OMG that’s awesome)

I drug the fire pit out of the basement and set up the Yule log on the lower branches cut from the tree.

Winter Solstice 001

Of course, a huge log, even when surround by combustibles can benefit from the liberal application of tiki torch oil (citronella and cedar oil type).

Winter Solstice 033

And away we go…

Winter Solstice 051

Winter Solstice 039

It took several tries to get the first candle lit.

Winter Solstice 053

Once we got the light from the Yule log (comprised of a log gifted to me my by friend and neighbor Jim, a bit of last year’s yule log, a cutting of the base and some branches from this year’s tree, the piece of the pear tree that blew down in the wind storm a few weeks ago, holly, bay laurel, lavender, sage, mugwort, hawthorn berries and roses from my yard and ashes from the 13 indigenous grandmothers) we carried the “solstice light” inside the house.

I did the annual reading talking about why solstice is a sacred time for so many world traditions and the commonality they all share.

Winter Solstice 058

We then “passed the light” candle to candle around the circle (or rather an amoeba shaped circle that encompassed two rooms) while “The Christians and the Pagans” CD played. (singing, badly is not only allowed, but encouraged)

Winter Solstice 059

Winter Solstice 067

When all the candles were lit we raised them to symbolize the return of the light and the light we hope to bring into the world in the coming season.

Then while the CD played, we sang a joyful rendition of “Here Comes the Sun” and went back into party mode.

I made my traditional solstice Crab Rangoons and stuffed mushrooms

Winter Solstice 003

Winter Solstice 002

It was a fight to even get them out of the kitchen an on to the table. I was getting mugged trying to get out of the kitchen.

(although out of foucus, this picture cracks me up… I’m yelling “HOT” and Patricia looks worried that rangoons will fly)

Winter Solstice 017

Winter Solstice 030

Winter Solstice 090

Winter Solstice 071

I LOVE Z’s eyes in this picture.

Winter Solstice 081

Winter Solstice 082
The rest of the photos are available by clicking here

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Here comes the sun baby… here comes the sun (and it’s gonna be allright 😉


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2 thoughts on “Solstice on the Hilltop

  1. OMG, I knew you’d put that picture up of me and Molly (at the end of course for the hi-hat “Tshhhh”. It’s HYSTERICAL.

    The song, the Christians and the Pagans was so perfect as we stood about. It really didn’t matter what religion you ascribed to in that circle. It was about brotherhood and a call to our pre-history mind, body, and soul.

    It was a meaningful and beautiful evening for me. I’d gone to church that day (just up the road at St. Rita’s) because I read at every third Tuesday’s noon Mass. Father Sacco’s homily on that day’s readings drove home the message “SEEK JOY” and without hesitation, He called me to your home and I listened with my heart.

    Bright blessings!

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