Last Squees of the Year


Welcome to “things that make me go Squee”.

Yes, I’m LATE again, doing this on Friday and never got around to venting venting for WTF Wednesday, but I’m ready to squee with glee.

In honor of Pop Fiend’s attempt at decreasing drama for at least one day a week on LiveJournal by promoting “Drama Free Thursday” (for those who aren’t aware, my blog is crossposted to LiveJournal, my self hosted WordPress blog, Blogspot, and Facebook), I offer up my own “special” (in a rode the short bus kind of way) contribution, “Things that Make Me go Squee!!!

* Things that make me go squee!” may has become a regular Thursday spectacle production because “Squee” rhymes with “Drama Free”, and I’m trying to do my part.

I think that almost everyone occasionally forgets to celebrate and share good things. I know I do. Given the challenges of the last week and a half, I need to squee this week.

So in the spirit of putting “good juju” out there, here are the current things that make me go “SQUEE!!!”

I am LOVING my wonderful little house on the Hilltop which is often filled with friends/chosen family, art, music and love.

*no, it doesn’t look quite like this today (although there is quite a bit of frozen graupel and ice still on the ground and roof, I just love this picture)

November Snow 2010 020

Here is a shot of said “thunder graupel” as we were getting pounded.



I had the best Christmas ever which started out with 16 friends/chosen family sharing Christmas Eve in my home, several visits to others on Christmas Day and even more Boxing Day events, culminating in a friend and I having margaritas in my hot tub.

if the slideshow doesn’t embed in your browser/reader properly, you can view it by making with the clicky clicky here

I’m exhausted (but in a good way)

girlfriends came over on Monday for a fun stitch and bitch session, I baked my infamous “wild blueberry scones of doom” complete with devon cream, Julie brought home made peppermint marshmallows and some wicked Barcardi 151 rum balls and a great time was had by all.

I’m 3 ½ balls of Chunky Mochi yarn into a 5 ball scarf. I’m hoping to be able to wear this (my first ever knitting poject) next week.

last day of 2010 005

Holiday cards are still arriving. Some are photos, some are hand made, some are all glittery (ooh! Shiny!) Winner for “best card of the year” goes to the hand drawn one on yellow ruled paper that has a diagram for a raccoon trap for a chicken coop. (I keep them up year round, so no worries if they’re “late”)


I appear to be the only person on the Hilltop who thaws and rotates my hummingbird feeder during hard freezes, so every bird in the hood is here, fighting over the feeder, perching in trees and in the case of this little guy, hanging out on my holiday lights on the porch.

cold hummingbird 004

BadKitty wants a hummingbird very VERY badly

Kitty and Hummingbirds 008

I am enjoying a cozy morning in front of the fire with a latte in the mug that my friend Kelly sent me for the holiday (and the other hummingbird feeder thawing)

last day of 2010 004

I’m going to celebrate GMT +3 New Year (Moscow time) with my BFF this afternoon.

After that, I’m going to a GMT New Years Eve party at Don and Paquita’s

Then I’m going to be safely home and off the roads before tonight’s hard freeze (OK, it’s still hard freeze right now, but the roads will thaw for a couple hours this afternoon)

I was going to go to First Night with friends tonight, but with temperatures in the 20s and so much ice still on the ground up here, I’m going to just hunker down here at home to work on my annual New Years collage art project. I’m ready for some quiet time as we transition out of the holiday season. (that, and I have three parties to attend next week so I need some sort of break)

Happy New Year all!

And here are little smilies for all the squees left unsqueed

And of course, the greatest squee of all…

I am blessed to have really GREAT friends in my life

And you can see a lot of them here… (if I don’t have a picture of you here, send me one)

Insert “squee” of your choice here

I wish everyone a happy and drama free Thursday, as well as lots of things to go “Squee” over.




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