Love Is Worth Fighting For-Beware Tacoma Hilltop Slumlords

I love Tacoma’s Hilltop.

I love my neighborhood, my neighbors, The Tacoma PD, our CLO’s and the Hilltop Action Coalition which fought to reclaim this neighborhood and still fights today.

Love is worth fighting for…

The battle to reclaim this neighborhood filled with historic homes was fought long ago by others; the turn around came after the still notorious gun battle in the 2300 block of S Ash St. (I drive by this house occasionally, and the first time I see Mr Bill Foulk in his yard, I will stop and shake his hand)

I can not take credit for any part of reclaiming this neighborhood; this was done long before my arrival.

But when I chose to buy a home here over a year ago, I made a vow to be a part of the (continuing) solution.

Notorious slumlords whose numerous properties have and continue to be the subject of continual complaints, sources of illegal activity, in various states on disrepair and more often than not house criminals and drug dealers include: Demetrius Pye, Peter Porietis and the notorious Paul Post.

While the city of Tacoma is not enforcing the Nuisance Ordnance as they should be, perhaps due to fear of lawsuits (hey, given the lack of enforcement against and cowtowing to Clear Channel is anyone really surprised?) despite the best efforts of our police department, the neighbors are pissed and are fighting back.

Some residents near S 8th and S Cushman Streets, after receiving push back rather than cooperation from Mr Poretas (who oh, by the way does not live in the neighborhood) decided to fight back on their own when a problem house on their block came up for rent.

A friend and I took a drive this afternoon to find the signs we heard about and talk to some of the neighbors who after failed attempts to convince the slumlord (Mr Poretas) to correct the problem have made it very clear that they are not going to just sit back and take it.

We found four of these signs. This one was our favorite.

From Drop Box

Take warning criminals and especially you slumlords.

The neighbors are watching and are taking action which includes but is not limited to: walk abouts, video surveillance, photographing drug dealers and their vehicles, setting off car alarms and spotlighting late night activity and pushing the city to enforce the law/codes.

We love this neighborhood and unlike you are invested in it.

We are Tacoma’s Hilltop. We are Gritty and we will win.



17 thoughts on “Love Is Worth Fighting For-Beware Tacoma Hilltop Slumlords

  1. We have Peter Porietis’ rentals in our neighborhood too. It has been a huge problem over in the Dome Top. I also talked to people over in the South end with horrible issues in one of his rentals. I would be interested in building a coalition to fight this slum lord.

  2. Defense of the nation begins at home. We are urban homesteaders, trying to establish a settlement. Sometimes, that ends up in a rough area. Most of the time the neighbors are great, and sometimes not. When not, it is time to step up and take action. Using what ever resources are available. You don’t have to wait to see me in my front yard, come by. Always good to meet other urban pioneers.

  3. I own the house next to the one in the picture. On the other side of me is a Porietus house. I just took in all four room mates, vulnerable adults who are being bullied, abused and ripped-off by one of his tyrannical property managers.
    They’ll all be in by the end of the week. Who knows what coming next. Bring it on.

  4. I agree with finding away to get Peter Poritis to take care of his properties or let someone else take over that can do a better job. I am in one of his properties near the Tacoma Mall and when I moved into this place it was horrible. Gas leak, garbage everywhere, carpets I had to pull out myself to get them out of the house. I repainted everything and now it looks so much better, but now it I hear about Peter and I now no why this place looked the way it does. He must be in denile or on some drug himself, because my sister lives in a four plex of his on the hilltop that is a known crack house.

  5. Hi Well My Landord is Demetrius Pye, He is Trying to Evict My Family The Day after christmas and I have a 3 year old son. He is evicting us for all the wrong reasons. He is trying to put me and my son on the streets and I dont know what else to do he has been using discrimination and unlawful ways to evict me and my family and I need Help and some insight and advice… Please anyone

  6. I used to live in one of peters houses. Bob Lattimer is his ” property mgr.” And Bob pays peter to let him use his name to get away with having rentals. Bob lost his right to rent places because of numerous code violations. Peters house on s. Sheridan is about to be shut down for code violations. Plus both Bob and Demiterius have made it a practice of evicting people without using legal means( they claim the tenant was served when they werent..)

  7. I live next to a PETER A PORIETIS rental…he continuously rotates drug dealers in and out of the house … Since this summer. There has started to be damage to my property. We are proud of our community and need to do something about … Looking at a civil lawsuit for malicious property damage, values and quality of life. Anyone else interested ???

  8. There is another slumlord in the area his name is
    Khanh le
    He owns meny rental like around 90
    All over the tacoma area.
    High priced rent,dirty,rose pedals over dog s**t.
    Slapped to gether.
    Houses sectioned off and made in to 4 plexes. Shotty plumbing,exposed wireing, no sseparate elec.meaters or water.
    Illeagle evections,
    So beware do not rent from Khanh le

  9. I was just evicted by Mr.Porietis. Paid all monies owed to him and he lied to
    get me out. All because I threatened to turn him in. Lived there from May-Feb 2016 with no heat, no flooring. Complete disaster.

  10. Peter Porietis lives in a nice west end home

    1533 s sunset , 98465

    send him a letter

  11. Paul Post most horrible person, rented a duplex from him Feb. 2015-Feb. 2016 had dealt with cock roaches, infestation of bed bugs after numerous attempts to bomb the whole house. We paid out of our pocket to bomb the whole house after he refused to do it himself. We had a broken fridge for 6 months, refused to do anything about it. He certainly has memory loss due to him aging no prob paying rent on time ever but constantly sent us late notices on our door. After numerous calls for him to pick up rent every month had to deal with him simply forgetting. Often times he claimed to not remember me. Then he fined us 2,000 unlawfully after no problems moving out or leaving house with absolutely no damage. Do not rent from Paul Post, I’m positive were not the only ones!

  12. I currently live in one of Bob’s houses to many things to list but I am looking for some help.and advice they are claiming it’s a.transitional house there are presently 12 people living in a well it’s listed as a 2.bdrm with unfinished basement but not since Bob and Peter have taken it over it is now a 6 bdrm the rooms consist of slapped up cheap walls illegal wiring .roaches are starting to come In .and they won’t do anything but say there are no roaches. the employees of Bob’s enter with no notice only to scream and yell at Tennant’s.last weak a lady named Cat came I. And demanded we all take a drug test she looked like a.person that is homeless .I refused to take the test is never heard of such a.thing now I am being evicted for that.plenty people here prbly do get high .but it is the ones that do not it seams like get this legal no it’s not .so come o. People im here I. In the house across from. The church that actually own this house but somehow have it listed under Bob’s or Peters name I have 20 days to move now I have a lot of information if there is someone in the hilltop area here.please get ahold of me mark 2532092658

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