About Wild Celtic Rose

L. Lisa Lawrence, aka The Wild Celtic Rose, is an artist based on Tacoma’s Hilltop working in fire, dance, theater, written/spoken word, mixed media, fiber and photography.

As an ordained minister and facilitator of earth based spirituality groups, she can also create and officiate unique wedding, commitment and handfasting ceremonies as well as other rites of passage.

5 thoughts on “About Wild Celtic Rose

  1. Hi Lisa
    I was looking for images of Lugnasad celebrations and I from all I have seen I clicked in one that leaded me to your blog. I start reading your posts and something touched my heart as if you talked about things dear to me, dreams I had our have and this urge to be what I really am. I love everything about nature and magic, and pottery, and … I am beginning to do natural cosmetics and healing perfumes with essential oils only, and I’m calling this Lugnasad.
    here in my home in Campos do Jordão, Brasil. Some inner feeling made me to write and thank you for the simplicity and beauty you write an tell your stories.
    Ina (I want an aka to myself)

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment.

    I can’t wait to check out your blog and read about your life in Brasil.

    It’s wonderful to have kindred in far away places

  3. Nice to hear from you about my note, it’s exiting to hear from someone that is so far away and you got to know y chance.
    All good from the universe to you

  4. you are hysterical – thanks for doing our lake meridian triathlon last year – i hope you come back!!! i’m going to post a link to your blog on the LMT facebook page. keep them coming! Patty

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