Blast from the Past – Colorado Edition

After seeing the “Way Back Week” suff on Facebook where folks were changing their profile pictures to old ones, I started looking through some old photos…

I thought I’d offer a few up here for fun.

A couple of days ago, I offered up some California and Wyoming photos. Today, I’ll post a few from my days in Colorado.

I was a Park Ranger and River Guide and a Ski Instructor when I lived there (OK, that’s the same thing I did when I was in Moab UT, but this is my Colorado post)

I was required to remove my duty belt, body armor and sidearm for this photo session because it was for the Junior Ranger brochure.

Here are my friend Lindy and I at Powderhorn where we taught skiing.

On spring skiing days, we could wear shirts and vests only.

This cute little kid next to me is Ian Groo, AKA “my favorite monster” he was ten at the time; he’s in his mid-20’s now. He and his dad came up to ski and visit me and he was kind of getting underfoot when I was teaching, so I started out with “Ian, you know you’re my favorite monster…”

He looked at me and said, “I’m your ONLY monstor.”

He was an awesome kid. I miss him.

This is my buddy Ed and I skiing at Vail. We used to get awesome deals in the spring $15 for a two day lift ticket for locals.

Speaking of Ed, here he is with his boat “Watts Out” putting in on the Colorado River above Glenwood Springs.

and here I am rowing my first ever class IV rapid, “Man Eater”

and here’s a shot farther up river on the Powerhouse Run (where it’s tradition to moon the freight trains) while we were on a BLM patrol

Here Ed and I are with my friends Dusty and Andy (Dusty is the one with the large “lime green gozongas” christening my raft the “USS Estrogen” (on the river we used cheap beer for such things) Dusty and I cheated death in Westwater Canyon in that boat more than once… Oh the stories we can tell about Skull and Surprise rapids.

After the river guiding accident that fractured my spine and pelvis/almost killed me, I shocked my friend Karen by showing up at her housewarming party in Aspen just a few days after being released from the hospital.

Yes, my hair was very blonde then. I was also very tan because I was in the sun all day, every day from sun up to sun down.

Well, that’s enough photo spam for now…

for now 😉


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