Birth of a Fairy Garden

When I first purchased my home in May of 2010, the Southeast corner of the yard behind the garage was a jungle; the Hawthorne and huge old pear tree were being choked to death by an invasive species of Clematis vine known as Old Man’s Beard.

From The Life and Times of A Wild Celtic Rose

In November of that year, my beautiful (and huge) old pear tree blew down in a violent wind storm.

November 15th wind storm 009

Since then, this “forgotten” part of the yard, not sunny enough to support garden beds or fruit trees (and still a battle ground for the dreaded clematis vines trying to regrow) has been left in neglect other than two marionberries being trained to grow up trellises on the back garage wall.

Until lately.

It started out innocently enough with three shade loving rhododendrons in the far corner.

Then I learned that crabapple trees will tolerate less then full sun, so I got a good sized one (tall enough for the branches to get sun) and plopped it in the same corner.

garden first day of March 2012 003

Azaleas… Yeah, and Camellias… That’s what the corner needed as well.

Oooh, Cyclamen, Begonias (tuberus), Periwinkle and some Foxglove for the fairies were also perfect for this little corner.

I found this lovely bench…

Ides of March 2012 009

I also scored a fabulous bird bath…

Then the fairies started moving in, which was just a matter of time, as they love the Hawthorne and foxglove and are said to ride Corgis at night.

Garden update, March 8, 2012 022

Soon Hellebores and Fuchsias appeared (as did more fairies)

Spring in the Fairy Garden - Or I just can't stop planting 001

fairy garden fuchsias 001

So did Tulips, Daffodils and Winter Heather (Heath) in the sunny areas around the Hazelnut tree…

spring in the garden 019

It was apparent who was “running the show” out there, so appropriate signage was posted.

Spring 2012 - well what passes for it - Mid March 002

This tree ent arrived.

Tree Spirit 002

and his friend the Bay Laurel ent showed up on the other side of the yard for good measure.

Spring Equinox in the Fairy Garden 001

The area had been transformed just in time for Spring…

fairy garden fuchsias 002

spring in the garden 026

All of the residents seemed quite happy to be there.

Except this one…

Spring 2012 - well what passes for it - Mid March 004

It became very clear that she was not a garden fairy. She was fierce, a guardian… a….


So she now watches over the entrance to my home in her rightful place.

Fairy Gargoyle 006

If she deters solicitors and proselytizers, all the better 😉

No worries, the back has not been let unguarded.

Spring Equinox in the Fairy Garden 006

I am looking forward to hosting BBQs, teas and garden parties and watching this area bloom and grow.

~ L

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