Random Notes to Random Folks

Because I am just too darn lazy to write a full blog post…

here are some notes to random entities…

Dear Mother Nature, We are super sick of rain, hail, rain, snow, rain, wind, rain, thunder and record breaking cold temperatures. Could we have spring now? Pretty Please?

Dear sun, we hear that you are willing to make a brief appearance tomorrow only; please do. We haven’t seen you for 41 days. We’d like you to stay longer, but at this point, will take what we can get. We miss you!

Dear New Zealand, you must inject your “Jazz” apples with crack. Now that I can no longer find them at Safeway I am going through withdrawals; everything else tastes like bland mush.

Dear creators of “Angry Birds”, Curse you for creating something so addicting (downloaded Angry Birds Rio on my Android while waiting out a hail storm yesterday)

Dear Congress Critters (of both species), if the sentiment I heard in the checkout line at the Hilltop Safeway a few minute ago is any indicator (and I believe it is) your constituents are good and pissed off about an impending government shut down (as a former federal employee, I’ve been through two of them, one of which eliminated my position)

How in the hell is is OK to not pay government employees and soldiers who won’t be able to pay rent, their bills or buy food, yet YOU asshats will collect a paycheck?

Stop your damn partisan bickering, act like adults and frikkin’ compromise.

Oh, here’s a better idea, start making big business pay their damn taxes instead of raping and pillaging programs that serve basic human needs.

If I had my way, I’d fire the whole lot you, and a lot of people feel the exact same way I do, so if you want your jobs, start acting like it.

Dear LiveJournal, since selling out to the Russians (and even a bit before) you have sucked more and more.

You latest inability to deal with DDOS attacks just shows how inept, understaffed,incompetent and not worthy of receiving my money you are.

If your claims that it is the Russian government is behind these attacks are true, that along with your incompetence shows me that my data is not safe with you.

Your lack of communication to your paid account holders (not to mention lack of an offer to compensate us for all the down time we’ve experienced over the last two weeks) shows that you are not a company I will trust my data or money with.

I have no desire to be a pawn in Russian Politics nor to “stand by” a company with such an increasingly crappy record in regard to how it treats it’s customers.

See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya…

Dear BadKitty, while it makes me happy that you feel like a kitten at 11 years old, I would greatly appreciated it if you would not pounce on my head at 4:00 AM. Just because you are smart enough to settle yourself into the bedroom early so that I can’t lock you out, don’t think that I won’t pick your furry butt up and deposit it outside the door.


Mood: Contemplative