Fire Junkies Invade the Streets of Tacoma

Saturday night, Cathy hosted a “Food and Fire” event at her home and the fireflies descended with food, beer, glow toys and fire toys.

The safest place at her home was on the nice wide, concrete front walkway. It was nice to not be on grass or other unleveled surfaces.

Here is Cathy playing with Becki’s LED glow hoop

Fire Spin April 9 2011 013

and Becki with her fire fans (I find it very humorous that Tacoma General Hospital and Group Health are in the background of my video and a lot of the photos)

Fire Spin April 9 2011 016

Michelle had her staff

Fire Spin April 9 2011 023

This guy was totally channeling a Maori Warrior with his poi.

Fire Spin April 9 2011 021

I have a few more photos at the end of my Stupid Poi Tricks photo album on Flickr, you can view the album by making with the clicky clicky here

For some really hot photos (pun intended) check out Becki’s professional photos (you’ll need to be logged into a Facebook account) you can view that album by making with the clicky clicky here

I did my second burn. I got braver this time and included the buzz saw (requires a wrap around the hands to avoid hitting the face) and even spun a butterfly behind my head) I was also finally confident enough to do a weave turns with fire. Now I need to learn a new trick or two and to work on choreography for my next burn.

If the video doesn’t display properly in your broswer/reader, you can view it by making with the clicky clicky here

I also did a 2nd burn just for fun and to play around. I hit myself a couple of times but since Ted our fuel guy had done such a good job squeezing the excess fuel out of my poi, there was no concern about lighting my cotton clothing on fire.

Special thanks also go to Jon our safety guy without whom I would not have felt comfortable attempting a move behind my head for the first time.

And for the comedy relief portion of the evening, I actually hit myself in the crotch with one of the flaming poi.

Let the bad jokes begin.

I can’t wait for next time.


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