Mason Middle School Principal Refuses To Meet With Petitioners, Supports Shaming

There are things that the principal of Mason Middle School and the Tacoma School District don’t want you to know about this story which appeared in the News Tribune two weeks ago.

That the principal at Mason Middle School refused to meet with these girls, who went through all the proper channels respectfully and launched a very successful petition. to modify a dress code that prohibits any part of a girl’s shoulder from showing.

What that principal did do was meet with two students of her choosing who were not involved in this at all. One who called these wonderful young women “sluts” (probably got that idea from her parents)

A handful of wealthy North End Parents didn’t like the attention the school got because of this. They said it was “embarrassing” so these girls were harassed by other students in school, shut down and denied due process.

You know what they (the school) SHOULD be embarrassed by?

body shaming young girls, having your daughter call them sluts and being a principal who hand selects said slut shaming/name calling girl to “represent” students.

supporting the sexualization of young girls.

promoting the idea that the mere sight of part of a girls shoulder will distract a young boy and that the boys lack self control and that their education is more important than the girls.


and being on the wrong side of history.

SHAME on that “principal” who in my opinion, is not fit to run a school, and shame on those parents.

The girls learned several valuable lessons about acitivism and fighting social injustice.

Sadly, they also learned that money talks even when it’s on the wrong side of an issue.

The harshest lesson learned is that because they are female, they won’t be respected or treated fairly and that if they stand up for their rights, they will be called “slut” (and in this case the one doing the name calling was rewarded by the principal for that behavior)

I have heard however that they are going to be honored by a state legislator for taking this issue on.

I am sad that these young women were treated so unfairly, were disrespected and denied due process.

But I am glad that they are the next generation who will be taking on social injustice; they are the hope for our future.

I’m also glad I no longer have a middle school age child.

You can bet that if I did, she would NOT be going to Mason Middle School.


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Tacoma Public Schools Sexist Dress Standards – 8th Grade Girls Can Not Show Any Part Of Their Shoulders. Seriously? Just Say NO to Body Shaming and Sexism!

Body shaming young girls with unfair, outdated and sexist dress codes is nothing new.

I won’t bore you recent research and articles about the negative impacts body shaming, objectifying, hypersexualizing and holding girls accountable for the behavior of boys has on students of both genders and the self esteem of girls in particular. (if you’re reading this blog, you all know how to google)

On Sunday, May 3rd a friend of mine purchased a lovely dress for her daughter’s 8th grade graduation and dance at Mason Middle School in Tacoma scheduled for June 11th.

There were no dress code guidelines given to parents or posted on the website at the time. The dress is similar in style to dresses worn without incident at the same event last year as well as other events.

Yesterday, on May 12th, less than a month before the dance, after most girls had purchased their dresses, many of whom saved up for them, the school district announced a ridiculous dress code.

This perfectly lovely dress is not allowed at the dance because….

The shoulders are not covered.


Yep, you read that correctly.

The mere sight of the shoulders of an 8th grade girl might ruin the event, drive boys insane and/or make school administrators/some parents who are apparently stuck in the dark ages have sinful thoughts.

For those who are curious about the aforementioned ridiculous dress code; here it is.

8th grade Dance.attire.guidelines

Not only is this dress code, sexist, objectifying and body shaming to young girls, it’s not even consistent from school to school.

Whoever came up with this idiotic dress code which as far as we can tell only affects girls at Mason Middle School needs to be made aware that this is 2015. They also need to learn about the negative impacts hypersexualization and body shaming have on young girls.

My friend’s daughter and her friends have created a petition on

They will also be reaching out to media and elected representatives.

This is a lesson for them.

A lesson in standing up and making their voices heard.

A lesson on being proactive and making change.

A lesson on becoming involved in issues that affect their school, community and contacting elected officials.

Let’s help this be a good lesson for them.

Please consider signing and sharing their petition, which you can find by clicking here

If an 8th grade girl is forced to cover her shoulders in summer, what’s next? Burkas?

Tacoma, we can do better for our girls (and boys).

*on an amusing note, the prom dress I wore in 1979 has the dreaded “spaghetti straps” so it would not be acceptable by today’s Mason Middle School Standards.

**Forget the 1970’s, bare shoulders were perfectly acceptable for school dances and proms in the 1950’s as evidenced by a google search of 1950’s prom dresses

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