August Postcard Poetry Fest, err… Project 2017

As the August Postcard Poetry Fest, err… Project, comes to an end (thank goodness for procrastinators and bonus cards-the mail isn’t boring yet) many of us like to reflect on and publish what we’ve written.

August POetry POstcard Fest

We had some bonus inspiration on the 21st of the month this year with the solar eclipse, many of us wrote poems on that day and/or bought the cool eclipse postal stamps that look like a sun in totality until the warmth of your thumb reveals the sun beneath the black disk.

This year, I decided to do Haiku. For those of my friends/readers who are not poets, Haiku is a Japanese poetry form, most often with a 5-7-5 syllable pattern. It’s incredibly challenging to properly express thought/emotions/concepts with so few words and such restrictions. Challenge accepted.

This year, instead of coming up with a theme (other than Haiku, which I guess was a theme) I decided to let the postcard be my inspiration.

last year, I created a single watercolor postcard that I printed copies of, but it was kind of boring to just have one card. This year I thought I’d print up four or so.

Instead, I decided to grab up all of the postcards I’d been using for practice and then paint enough to complete the fest, err… project…

Some of my cards were pretty crude technique practice that I wasn’t about to toss because those Strathmore cards aren’t cheap, and some I liked. I figured that since it’s about the poetry, folks wouldn’t mind amateur watercolor; At least I didn’t buy them at Walgreens (not that there’a anything wrong with that) As I stated to the group when I came up with this idea, “at least I was feeling something when I painted them”)

I got all 31 cards out in the intended time frame as well as 13 bonus cards sent to random participants (to several of the international participants who often don’t get as many cards, friends I’ve made through the fest and one side project)

So here is 2017 amateur watercolor inspired Haiku…

Mermaid – Aug 1

Song of the siren
Dangerous yet beautiful
Draws you to the rocks

Jaw – Aug 2

Skull found on the ground
Gnawed on by small animals
From death comes new life

Jellyfish – Aug 3

Iridescent float
Mesmerizing, yet deadly
Gaze from a distance

Coffee – Aug 4 (there is a legit coffee stain on the card)

Must find energy
Nectar of the sacred bean
Morning ritual

Starfish – Aug 5

Lying on the pier
Fleshy bits exposed to gulls
Tossed back in the sea

Spring blooms – Aug 6

Weary of the cold
Rain and gloom so oppressing
buds promise rebirth

Chicken – Aug 7

Scratching and Pecking
Their antics are so silly
Hope to make you smile

Solstice – Aug 8

And so it begins
sultry days getting shorter
Summer is fleeting

Do Fish have lips? – Aug 9

Rising to the top
hungry lips emerge
hoping to be fed

Plant Sex – Aug 10

Pistils ripe, swollen
Stamens shamelessly displayed
Plants say, let’s get laid

Black Eyed Susan – Aug 11

Colorful surprise
cheerfully wave in the breeze
bringing summer joy

Seastacks – Aug 12

Ancient sentinels
Carved by the wind and water
wearing down each day

Berries –  Aug 13

Guarded by sharp thorns
juicy treats burst in the mouth
for those who are brave

Seahorse – Aug 14

Pregnant papa swims
preparing to birth the young
Gender role of note

Daisies – Aug 15

Please do not eat them
Old enough to understand?
Four boys and a dog

Crow – Aug 16

There is a murder
in the tree in my backyard
raucous and noisy

Lavender – Aug 17

Fragrance in the breeze
wafts along the city street
so sweet and calming

Amanita – Aug 18

Psychedelic trip
hidden on the forest floor
deadly indulgence

Sunflowers – Aug 19

Garden attraction
stately and magnificent
beauty and bird food

Butterfly – Aug 20

emerging from the darkness
life is short, fly free

River – Aug 21

From the greatest heights
flowing, changing the landscape
down to the ocean

Orca – Aug 22

Fins break the surface
glistening as they frolic
a joy to behold

Lupine – Aug 23

A chill in the air
as summer begins to fade
they will not give up

Crocus – Aug 24

Snow still on the ground
Pop! There is its lovely face
a spring harbinger

Two trees – Aug 25

Town where I grew up
guarded by high sentinels
gracing the hilltop

Cold water – Aug 26

Friend from out of town
Oh sweetie, we don’t swim here
we just look at it

Sequoia – Aug 27

Towering above
reaching up to the heavens
inspiring all

Faerie Moon – Aug 28

In the dark of night
there is much that is unseen
mysteries unfold

Bird – Aug 29

Gracefully takes flight
it escapes our earthly bonds
oh to have that gift

Storm – Aug 30

A change in the air
the sky, alive and roiling
almost upon us

Fire – Aug 31

Glow in the distance
destruction is imminent
as is rebirth

Bonus Cards

1 –Rainbow Peace – part of the #dearyoungperson project sent to young people in Charlottesville Virginia after the violence.

Dear young person.
You are not alone
The world shares your pain
Is outraged on your behalf.
We stand with with you and yours
Hate, bigotry and violence will not win
Because we stand with you
You are not alone!

2 – Forest Sunset

By the campfire
sun sinking below the hills

3 – Waterfall

Gently cascading
mist and runoff quench plants thirst
for water is life

4 – Peach

Winter down under
this juicy august peach is
a bit of summer

5 – Wonderland

Wilderness healing
step by step, nature soothes souls
The trail waits for us

6 – Eclipse

waiting for totality
blocked, yet it still shines

7 – Cherry Tree

City Oasis
petals floating in the breeze
falling like pink snow

8 – Coast

Eagles soar above
azure waves crash against cliffs
power and beauty

9 – Skull

In a dusty box
what once flew across the skies
serves to educate

10 – Forest

Shady darkness rules
mushrooms, moss, cool scented air
natures cathedral

11 – Beach

Life is chaotic
a journey to the ocean
heals the weary soul

12 – Rainier

The mountain is out
describes fabulous weather
she brings us great joy

13 – Space

My motivation
missing, nowhere to be found
Engulfed by black hole?


And thus ends another August filled with art, poetry and being excited about checking the mail.

Next year, perhaps I’ll be able to do better than 13 bonus cards.

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Yesterday was (by modern calendar standards, pish) the festival of Lughnasadh.

It is the first of three harvest festivals which celebrates the early harvests, berries, wheat and barley (which means BEER… Yay beer). It is also celebrated as Lammas or “loaf mass” after the wheat harvest.

Lughnasadh is not only a harvest feast in honor of Lugh of the Tuatha De Danan’s foster mother, Tailltiu, but also games (as part of the funeral celebration) It is also believed in some circles that the games (also believed to be the precursor to modern Olympic games) represent the battle between Lugh and Balor.

No matter which version one observes, it celebrates the harvest and involves food (often baked bread) and physical activity.

It occurs between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox

Although I don’t hold to a modern calendar for such things (come on people, our ancestors didn’t have them it was about the sun, moon, stars, plants and animals…) I ended up observing Lughnasadh yesterday despite it being the “assigned” modern calendar day.

I started out by waking up and baking, not bread (didn’t get my starter reactivated in time for actual bread) but scones.

Yummy tasty sconey goodness with blueberries. Quite fitting for Lughnasadh if you ask me.

I already updated on much of the harvest progress here

After that, was the “games” portion of the day, my best friend and I went for a five mile waddle (I couldn’t really call what I did after three months off training a “run”) out at Chambers Creek. I forgot how steep those nasty swtichbacks are. I only managed to run 2/3 of the way up before I had to stop and walk.


After a quick break for some liquid refreshment, another friend of ours came over for a shorter walk (he’s recovering from foot surgery) and we wandered over to the Chambers Creek Labyrinth.

After the run, the walk and the socializing, I needed to do something.

I needed to burn the lies (those who aren’t familiar with said terrible and life altering lies can read about them by clicking here)

After it was just Molly and myself, without ritual or pontification, I burned the letters and legal documents in her fire pit. The ashes were not scattered, they were not used for anything. They were stirred down to nothing, which is what I intend for them to be from now on.

Just before the burning, I plucked a tiny oak, still partially in it’s acorn out of some dry bark alongside the road. It would not have survived there. I carefully put it in a pot to bring home.

It is a Garry Oak, the only oak that is native to Western Washington or British Columbia. They don’t like to be transplanted because they send down very long tap roots; but since this one has a tiny tap root, was still partially in the acorn, and the weather is cool and moist, I am hoping for the best (just to be safe, I gave it a nice drink of vitamin b-12)

Lughnasadh 2010 011

My neighbors Jim and Tony gifted me with a small Rowan (Mountain Ash) tree which I planted in the back.

Lughnasadh 2010 006

The addition of these trees along with my Hawthorne that was already here gives me “Oak, Ash & Thorn”. As an added bonus, I already had Holly and Bay Laurel (Myrtlewood) on the property. I have the sacred Celtic Tree thing covered 😉

The day ended with an interesting sunset created by the smoke from the fires in British Columbia (the smoke also gave me a killer sinus headache and caused me to miss roller skating that night)

this photo was taken by Jitvanzoo and appears on the KOMO news website

This morning was the “big day” for the back porch.

I went to Home Depot, measurements in hand to purchase screen doors.

Nothing in this old house is “standard” and I can’t buy a stock screen door. Getting one custom made is shockingly expensive.

I opted to just screen off the back porch with a retractable screen.

Now I can keep the back door open in the afternoon to bring in cool air from the cool side of the house and can sit out on the screened porch any time I like.

There is plenty of summer and indian summer left. I plan on enjoying this for a long time before winter hits.

Lughnasadh 2010 001

Lughnasadh 2010 002

Lughnasadh 2010 003

BadKitty is somewhat curious but not overly excited about the new expanse of her domain.

Lughnasadh 2010 005

Wishing everyone blessings of the season.


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