Allegedly “neutral” Mayor Strickland Supporting Methanol Refinery in Greenwashing Video

If there were any people left in town who actually believed that our city council members were being silent because they had to remain “neutral” in regards to the proposed methanol refinery, their hopes for honesty from our elected officials have been dashed.

Just today a video surfaced on YouTube in which our allegedly “neutral” mayor Marilyn Strickland sings the praises of the proposed methanol refinery.

The video created by the shell company working for the Chinese conglomerate was posted under an account belonging to “Citizens for a Green Economy” which is not a grassroots citizens coalition as they would like you to believe, but is in fact run by the company who is attempting to greenwash this ridiculous and dangerous proposal.

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One thing is very clear…

We have been lied to and are still being lied to.

Our mayor is a liar.

Our city council members are liars.

Something stinks in Tacoma and it’s not the aroma.

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Fear and War Mongering on This Infamous Day

Today I am saddened and sickened by the worse than standard media frenzy surrounding this date and the events of 13 years ago.

Why is this year “different”? Why are we being whipped into frenzy of fear?

It’s quite simple, we are on the precipice of another for profit war in Iraq, and the quickest way for our government and corporate overlords to manipulate us into forgetting the loss of life and what a failure the last war was, and to gain support for a new for profit war is to create an atmosphere of fear and paranoia.

This is not about protecting our freedoms; this is about profit for Halliburton and other war machine corporations to line their pockets as well as those of the politicians whose puppet strings they pull.

Honor the loss, respect those who lost/gave their lives. Perhaps even stop to think about those who live in fear of bombs and missiles every day.

But please, don’t fall victim to this heinous act of manipulation.