I Weep, I Will…

I do not weep for myself…

I weep for those whose very lives depend on subsidized health care

I weep for couples in same sex marriages

I weep for people of color

I weep for those who are transgender

I weep for young girls being treated as objects to be judged, groped and abused

I weep for young boys being raised in a culture of toxic masculinity

I weep for young women who rely on community clinics for birth control and reproductive health care

I weep for refugees

I weep for those of non-Christian faiths

I weep for those sent to war for profit

I weep for the environment

Do not mistake my tears for weakness.

They are part of a process

With every tear, my heart fills with new resolve.

I WILL make a difference

I will feed people who are hungry

I will defend people who are persecuted and bullied

I will empower those who feel powerless

I will counter your hate with love

For every hateful act you commit or condone, I will act in kindness

For every person you abuse or marginalize, I will lift someone up

For every curse you utter, I will sing a praise

Love will win


L. Lisa Lawrence November 9th, 2016




Vote! Tuesday, DiNovember 4th, 2014

Today is election day, and I’m assuming that my regular readers, as well as those on feedtacoma.com have already voted (and been quite vocal about it).

If not, you have until 8:00 PM tonight to mail, drop your ballot off at a drop box or visit a voting center. You can also get a replacement ballot at a voting center. For more information on voting centers, drop box locations and other election information, you can visit the Pierce County Auditor Election site.

It’s also Dinovember (seriously, you can have a great time searching the hashtag #dinovember on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more)

DiNovember 2014 Vote

For those who are unaware of what Dinovember is, you can have lots of fun searching under the hashtag #dinovember on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media sites.

There is a great explanation of its origins on this Huffington Post article.

Kids? You don’t need kids to enjoy Dinovember.

Here’s what mine have been up to so far this month…

So get out there and VOTE and maybe have some fun with toy dinosaurs…