I Weep, I Will…

I do not weep for myself…

I weep for those whose very lives depend on subsidized health care

I weep for couples in same sex marriages

I weep for people of color

I weep for those who are transgender

I weep for young girls being treated as objects to be judged, groped and abused

I weep for young boys being raised in a culture of toxic masculinity

I weep for young women who rely on community clinics for birth control and reproductive health care

I weep for refugees

I weep for those of non-Christian faiths

I weep for those sent to war for profit

I weep for the environment

Do not mistake my tears for weakness.

They are part of a process

With every tear, my heart fills with new resolve.

I WILL make a difference

I will feed people who are hungry

I will defend people who are persecuted and bullied

I will empower those who feel powerless

I will counter your hate with love

For every hateful act you commit or condone, I will act in kindness

For every person you abuse or marginalize, I will lift someone up

For every curse you utter, I will sing a praise

Love will win


L. Lisa Lawrence November 9th, 2016





Today I am sad.

I am sad for those who are disenfranchised, discriminated against and have no hope for justice.

I am sad for those who lack the compassion to understand the realities of people with other life circumstances.

I am sad for those who live in fear.

I am sad for those who choose to hate.

I am sad for those communities who are now labeled “those people who bring it on themselves” because outside agitators, anarchists and others looking for an excuse to commit violent and criminal acts used their tragedy to do so.

I am sad for public servants whose profession has been tainted and whose jobs have become much more dangerous due the actions of those who use the job to have power over rather than serve others.

I am sad for local businesses and hardworking people who have suffered damage and loss.

I am sad for the families, friends and loved ones of those who have been hurt and killed.

I am sad that I am seen by some as the enemy.

I am sad that I am not likely to see a post racial United States in my lifetime.

I am sad that this, is the legacy we are passing on to our children 50 years after the Civil Rights Act was enacted.


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No Thank You

We all (well those of us in the USA) know what anniversary is being observed tomorrow.

My friend John posted this on his Facebook page today.

”A word on 9/11: I stood on the balcony of my office building and watched the Pentagon burn nearby. IMO we are far worse off nine years later than we were then. Loss of freedom, wars, deficits, and a lot more hate and intolerance. A lot of people have died for very little. Maybe someday this nightmare will end. Maybe”.

That well written,short, succinct and provocative statement well under the character limit for a Facebook status update said it all.

I am going to be far FAR away from the media blitz tomorrow.

Each year on 9/11 I escape from it.

Tomorrow, a friend and I will be heading up into to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the Central Cascades.

I am hoping to be well enough after three days on antibiotics to be able to make it up to Surprise and Glacier Lakes.

Tomorrow, I will be Celebrating LIFE and HEALING


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