BIG Thanks to everyone who supported, shared posts/updates and encouraged me in this Kickstarter campaign.  It funded before the deadline and a bit over goal.

I’m in the process of ordering/picking up supplies as needed. (moved a few hundred pounds of clay and dry glaze ingredients yesterday)

I now have a total of twelve glazes to choose from.  I have a list of the colors and photographs of sample tiles on the website available here, so that you can start picking out the colors you like.  Remember, they can be doubled up/double dipped for interesting effects:

I am also working on a “tie-dye” design with a batik look that I am excited to test fire.

I am awaiting the arrival of molds for the porcelain pendants.  While I will be creating custom designs and molds, this will give me a head start on getting some interesting designs out now.  I am hoping to have them by next week.

Some of the patterns I’ll have available are as follows:

Tribal, Celtic, Egyptian, Sunflower, Peace Sign, Hearts, Crosses, Sun/Moon/Celestial, Dragonfly, Butterly, Lizard and more…

I will post photos once I have the molds and press some samples.

I will also be offering the pendant designs as refrigerator magnets for those who would prefer that as an option.

The rewards delivery timetable is staggered so that I can get everything done and delivered as (or before) promised.

Names went on the website in real time as backers supported, so that was all done in February as planned/promised.

Certificates will be sent out in March as promised (I need to get something nice printed up.  Kickstarter does not allow coupons to be offered as rewards, but you’ll all be getting one)

The porcelain pedants will be going out in April (hopefully, before) with other items following on (or hopefully before) the schedule listed in the rewards section of the Kickstarter.

A new item at the $20 is a supported spindle spinning bowl.

Items added to the $50 level bring your choices up to: mug, cereal bowl, tumbler, heart handle mug, cream/syrup pitcher, goblet, egg bowl, and heart shaped bowl.  This level also includes a studio tour with demonstration.

An added item at the $65 level is a yarn bowl.

At the $100 level, the reward is an enchanted lantern and a studio tour for you and a guest that includes appetizers and a beverage (wine if you want it, Kickstarter doesn’t allow alcohol rewards so I had to say “beverage”)

At any of the levels, you may choose multiples of items at lower levels (example, a yarn bowl and a pendant/magnet, or two mugs)  I want to make sure you have something you really like.

Since many of you live out of the area, I am offering rain checks on the studio tours, so that you can visit when you plan to come to the area.

For local folks, I will be throwing a small celebration party some time in the next month or so…

In addition to the WordPress website (being upgraded soon) the studio has a Facebook page which I often post photos of work in progress to.

Thanks again for supporting Phoenix Rising and a life long dream!