It’s been a long time since I posted an update.

Just when I thought I was over the cold from hell, I got hit with the nasty virus that’s been making the rounds up here in the PNW (and thanks to air travel, some other places as well) known less than affectionately as “the never-ending crud”.  It’s most craptastic feature is a horrid cough that nothing seems to help and that never stops at night.  I coughed so hard and so long that I strained my intercostal (rib cage) muscles/tendons/ligaments.

I was still very lucky as I know several people who had to go to the hospital with complications such and pneumonia and fluid in the thoracic (chest) cavity due to cracked ribs/bruising caused by the cough. I also managed to stave off the wicked sore throat which imitates strep that so many had.  I firmly believe that my liberal use of the neti pot/saline rinse squeeze bottle with some essential oil of eucalyptus and some betadine (I know… it sounds gross, but the research is out there) kept the sore throat and potential sinus infection at bay.  I even managed to avoid the ear infections that so many have experienced by using hydrogen peroxide in my ears.

Lesson learned.  I have to rest and sleep (and eat right) because when I don’t take care of myself, I trash my normally bomb proof immune system.

Enough talk of mucous…

The glazes are all thickened/thinned/properly flocctuated and ready to go. (chemistry is fun)  I’ll be updating the website soon, but here is a photo showing what they look like on stoneware; they colors will be a bit crisper on porcelain as it is a brighter white.

Top to bottom-left to right…

Stellar Rust, (cant’ find the tile, so here’s a bowl) cedar, plum red, raven black

Shore break, (looks good dipped and drippy over another glaze) corn silk, blue green, hunter green

Eggplant, ultramarine blue, floating blue, black cherry (this is a super yummy, drippy, reactive glaze with neat texture effects)

*the floating blue and black cherry don’t show up well in this photo (they are very complex) but you can see them in other update photos)

There is also a new product for those of you with musicians in your life.

A bass/cello stand.  This one will be glazed in the tie-dye pattern and will have a textured, rubberized mat attached to the bottom to prevent slippage during use.

I’ve had to give up my studio tech time at Throwing Mud so that I can devote more time to my home studio. I miss everyone there, but that’s the way it needs to be right now.  This means I’m firing everything at home so I can turn things around more quickly (and have more control over drying to the leather hard stage for trimming/carving)

Since I’ve been sick and am behind on work (part time non-profit contract and working artist does not afford one sick leave) I have put items already in my Artfire shop on sale to generate income for non-studio expenses..

Everything on the site is 50% off right now; if any of you have been admiring my blown glass now is the time to go for it.

That’s it for now.

Since this upper respiratory crud is finally moving along, I am not reacting to the free silica or other dust or mold in the basement and get get back at it)

Thanks again!