Thanks to the 100+ people that showed up for the Tacoma Arts Month Studio Tour!  It was a pleasure to meet so many great folks, show off my studio/work and give potters wheel demonstrations.

I wasn’t able to update the website before the event, because after catching the upper respiratory crud at work (not quite the flu but way worse than a cold) my sump pump broke and we received an entire winter week’s worth of rain in about 20 minutes.  The results was flooding in the studio.  Normally it’s not a big deal as there is nothing on the floor that can be damaged between the back door and the drain, but I had torn the place apart to do a studio expansion, left it laying there when I got sick leaving all sorts of things in the path of the water.  It wasn’t pretty.

Here’s a shot of a subsequent flood which happened after the tour.  As of now, things are working and this shouldn’t happen again.  I will need more expensive/permanent fixes, but the temporary ones are holding for now (ah the joy of an old house)


Despite that, I was able to finish the reconfigure of the studio space and make room for my sewing and painting projects (and finally turn it into a 3rd guest room and/or place to crash if I’m too tired to make it up the stairs).  Since these photos were taken a sewing machine/cabinet gifted to me by a friend and a standing height work table from my local Buy Nothing Group have been added.




12118760_10153690043074394_5063627483509889681_n 12108811_10153690145219394_5596337275909164160_n


Here are a few of the items I was able to throw, trim, bisque fire, glaze and glaze fire.  I’m especially pleased with the way the pie plates turned out as they were a very special gift to honor a very special father/brother/son/husband.




For those who couldn’t make the studio tour, I’m hosting a

Studio Tour/Artist Reception on Sunday December 13th (perfect for holiday shopping)

3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

(for those who watch local “Sportsball” you have an hour and a half before kickoff 😉  there will be the obligatory pulled pork sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls and wine.

A game of Cards Against Humanity may break out after the studio event.


studio derp

This derpy photo was taken on last year’s tour at Throwing Mud Gallery (a place you should also make a point to visit)

For those of you who are local, please consider stopping by this Sunday, October 12th, between 11 am and 5 pm to visit me in my dungeon…. errr… basement studio as part of the Tacoma Arts Month Studio Tour.

*if you are also an artist on the tour who is open on Sunday, stop by afterwards for a bit of decompression, I’ll be around and would love to see you!.

In order to lure as many folks in as possible, I shall be providing wine, cheese and appetizers.

Here’s the map/list of studios…  (I’m # 29) There are 61 artists on the tour (some are in co-ops/shared studio spaces).


In other news after all of the crisis, illness, injury, chaos and near disaster of the last year, I’ve had an insanely busy summer filled with performances, art shows, (and when I could get away) hiking, backpacking and enjoying this glorious and highly unusual summer, so now I’m spending every waking moment after work trying to get the house/yard/studio in order before Sunday. (Yikes, I lost control of everything)

I’m finally getting a break in performances and contract work (after the layoff, I REALLY needed the extra money)My next bellydance performance is at the Urban Onion in Olympia WA on November 10th for the Beats Euphorium Show (7 pm – 9 pm)My next confirmed fire show is, of course, First Night in Tacoma on New Year’s Eve.  It will be another fabulous and fiery New Year.

I’m also finally releasing a photography book (hopefully in time to order for the holidays) which will also contain original poetry I wrote for the August Poetry Postcard Project,titled “Postcards from the Mountain”

You can find updates on my newly redesigned website at http://wildcelticrose.net


I know it’s been a while, but life’s been complicated with a new “day job” I started last week, a heavy performance schedule and some other non-pottery related business and legal complications which I am still trying to get sorted.  (let it suffice to say that being a “phoenix” sounds pretty cool, but one grows weary of the smell of singed tail feathers)

But on to the fun stuff! (including finishing up the last of the rewards for those of you who said, “no hurry”)

The bales and silk cords for the pendants are in, as are the magnet backings.

I’ve been working on refining and working out new techniques for glazing. My love of highly reactive, gooey, melty glazes makes designs challenging, but each new firing brings new knowledge and ideas.

I’ve been working on refining and working out new techniques for glazing. My love of highly reactive, gooey, melty glazes makes designs challenging, but each new firing brings new knowledge and ideas.






On to the exciting news!

I’ve been accepted as a featured artist for the Stadium Art and Wine Walk on Saturday August 9th.

The event runs from 4 – 8:00 PM. If you’re local, or visiting you should plan on participating; it’s a fabulous event in a great historic neighborhood. (and there’s wine and food)


I am also expecting to be on the Tacoma Art at Work Month Studio Tour on Sunday, October 12th (I’m taking the day before to visit other friends/studios)


phoenix design

I’ve been catching up after the illness, injury and basement flooding and am getting some pretty cool results from my glaze and design experiments…

I finally have a Phoenix design (which several of you have requested) that works with even my gooiest, drippiest, most delicious glazes…

I have a few others come out nicely as well…

Of course, the process is not without mishaps… (this is what happens when you try to rush firing)

For those who don’t already have their rewards, I have two sheets of designs for you to peruse and request (those of you have requested smaller items such as pendants, may want to get something a bit bigger :)…  I will be putting together a third sheet later today and getting all of them posted to the website at Phoenix Rising Pottery Studio

For those who are local, some of my work will be on display and for sale at Throwing Mud Gallery in Old Town Tacoma tonight and tomorrow (Saturday)

There is an artist reception tonight (Friday) from 5-7 PM. (there will be wine, beer and appetizers) where you can see the work of 80 amazing artists and meet many of them, including Mark Hudak’s student artists.

You can see what’s new, fresh out of the kiln on the studio’s Facebook page

That’s it for now…

I must get back to the very glamorous life of an artist…

Yes… It’s really THIS glamorous!



It’s been a long time since I posted an update.

Just when I thought I was over the cold from hell, I got hit with the nasty virus that’s been making the rounds up here in the PNW (and thanks to air travel, some other places as well) known less than affectionately as “the never-ending crud”.  It’s most craptastic feature is a horrid cough that nothing seems to help and that never stops at night.  I coughed so hard and so long that I strained my intercostal (rib cage) muscles/tendons/ligaments.

I was still very lucky as I know several people who had to go to the hospital with complications such and pneumonia and fluid in the thoracic (chest) cavity due to cracked ribs/bruising caused by the cough. I also managed to stave off the wicked sore throat which imitates strep that so many had.  I firmly believe that my liberal use of the neti pot/saline rinse squeeze bottle with some essential oil of eucalyptus and some betadine (I know… it sounds gross, but the research is out there) kept the sore throat and potential sinus infection at bay.  I even managed to avoid the ear infections that so many have experienced by using hydrogen peroxide in my ears.

Lesson learned.  I have to rest and sleep (and eat right) because when I don’t take care of myself, I trash my normally bomb proof immune system.

Enough talk of mucous…

The glazes are all thickened/thinned/properly flocctuated and ready to go. (chemistry is fun)  I’ll be updating the website soon, but here is a photo showing what they look like on stoneware; they colors will be a bit crisper on porcelain as it is a brighter white.

Top to bottom-left to right…

Stellar Rust, (cant’ find the tile, so here’s a bowl) cedar, plum red, raven black

Shore break, (looks good dipped and drippy over another glaze) corn silk, blue green, hunter green

Eggplant, ultramarine blue, floating blue, black cherry (this is a super yummy, drippy, reactive glaze with neat texture effects)

*the floating blue and black cherry don’t show up well in this photo (they are very complex) but you can see them in other update photos)

There is also a new product for those of you with musicians in your life.

A bass/cello stand.  This one will be glazed in the tie-dye pattern and will have a textured, rubberized mat attached to the bottom to prevent slippage during use.

I’ve had to give up my studio tech time at Throwing Mud so that I can devote more time to my home studio. I miss everyone there, but that’s the way it needs to be right now.  This means I’m firing everything at home so I can turn things around more quickly (and have more control over drying to the leather hard stage for trimming/carving)

Since I’ve been sick and am behind on work (part time non-profit contract and working artist does not afford one sick leave) I have put items already in my Artfire shop on sale to generate income for non-studio expenses..

Everything on the site is 50% off right now; if any of you have been admiring my blown glass now is the time to go for it.


That’s it for now.

Since this upper respiratory crud is finally moving along, I am not reacting to the free silica or other dust or mold in the basement and get get back at it)

Thanks again!

pouring porcelain

Despite one of the shipments being “Polar Vortexed” the molds for the first round of porcelain pendants have arrived.

In addition to being used for the first round of pendants, these molds and stamps will be used to decorate pots, bowls, cups, mugs, urns, etc…

I have done some sample pressings with stoneware clay to get an idea how these will look when complete.

Here they are in various stages of drying in preparation of bisque firing.



Tonight I started working with some lovely English porcelain slip.

This will make lovely, translucent pendants.

I will also be creating original designs and creating molds out of interesting pieces that I create so that they can be reproduced to make quality matching sets.


BIG Thanks to everyone who supported, shared posts/updates and encouraged me in this Kickstarter campaign.  It funded before the deadline and a bit over goal.

I’m in the process of ordering/picking up supplies as needed. (moved a few hundred pounds of clay and dry glaze ingredients yesterday)

I now have a total of twelve glazes to choose from.  I have a list of the colors and photographs of sample tiles on the website available here, so that you can start picking out the colors you like.  Remember, they can be doubled up/double dipped for interesting effects:


I am also working on a “tie-dye” design with a batik look that I am excited to test fire.

I am awaiting the arrival of molds for the porcelain pendants.  While I will be creating custom designs and molds, this will give me a head start on getting some interesting designs out now.  I am hoping to have them by next week.

Some of the patterns I’ll have available are as follows:

Tribal, Celtic, Egyptian, Sunflower, Peace Sign, Hearts, Crosses, Sun/Moon/Celestial, Dragonfly, Butterly, Lizard and more…

I will post photos once I have the molds and press some samples.

I will also be offering the pendant designs as refrigerator magnets for those who would prefer that as an option.

The rewards delivery timetable is staggered so that I can get everything done and delivered as (or before) promised.

Names went on the website in real time as backers supported, so that was all done in February as planned/promised.


Certificates will be sent out in March as promised (I need to get something nice printed up.  Kickstarter does not allow coupons to be offered as rewards, but you’ll all be getting one)

The porcelain pedants will be going out in April (hopefully, before) with other items following on (or hopefully before) the schedule listed in the rewards section of the Kickstarter.

A new item at the $20 is a supported spindle spinning bowl.

Items added to the $50 level bring your choices up to: mug, cereal bowl, tumbler, heart handle mug, cream/syrup pitcher, goblet, egg bowl, and heart shaped bowl.  This level also includes a studio tour with demonstration.

An added item at the $65 level is a yarn bowl.

At the $100 level, the reward is an enchanted lantern and a studio tour for you and a guest that includes appetizers and a beverage (wine if you want it, Kickstarter doesn’t allow alcohol rewards so I had to say “beverage”)

At any of the levels, you may choose multiples of items at lower levels (example, a yarn bowl and a pendant/magnet, or two mugs)  I want to make sure you have something you really like.

Since many of you live out of the area, I am offering rain checks on the studio tours, so that you can visit when you plan to come to the area.

For local folks, I will be throwing a small celebration party some time in the next month or so…

In addition to the WordPress website (being upgraded soon) the studio has a Facebook page which I often post photos of work in progress to.


Thanks again for supporting Phoenix Rising and a life long dream!