Thanks to the 100+ people that showed up for the Tacoma Arts Month Studio Tour!  It was a pleasure to meet so many great folks, show off my studio/work and give potters wheel demonstrations.

I wasn’t able to update the website before the event, because after catching the upper respiratory crud at work (not quite the flu but way worse than a cold) my sump pump broke and we received an entire winter week’s worth of rain in about 20 minutes.  The results was flooding in the studio.  Normally it’s not a big deal as there is nothing on the floor that can be damaged between the back door and the drain, but I had torn the place apart to do a studio expansion, left it laying there when I got sick leaving all sorts of things in the path of the water.  It wasn’t pretty.

Here’s a shot of a subsequent flood which happened after the tour.  As of now, things are working and this shouldn’t happen again.  I will need more expensive/permanent fixes, but the temporary ones are holding for now (ah the joy of an old house)


Despite that, I was able to finish the reconfigure of the studio space and make room for my sewing and painting projects (and finally turn it into a 3rd guest room and/or place to crash if I’m too tired to make it up the stairs).  Since these photos were taken a sewing machine/cabinet gifted to me by a friend and a standing height work table from my local Buy Nothing Group have been added.




12118760_10153690043074394_5063627483509889681_n 12108811_10153690145219394_5596337275909164160_n


Here are a few of the items I was able to throw, trim, bisque fire, glaze and glaze fire.  I’m especially pleased with the way the pie plates turned out as they were a very special gift to honor a very special father/brother/son/husband.




For those who couldn’t make the studio tour, I’m hosting a

Studio Tour/Artist Reception on Sunday December 13th (perfect for holiday shopping)

3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

(for those who watch local “Sportsball” you have an hour and a half before kickoff 😉  there will be the obligatory pulled pork sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls and wine.

A game of Cards Against Humanity may break out after the studio event.